Healthy AF Bento Snack Box
Healthy AF Bento Snack Box
Healthy AF Bento Snack Box

Healthy AF Bento Snack Box

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Tired of being reprimanded for eating at the nurse station?

You are a human and you deserve to eat when you're hungry!!!

The days when you can't break away from saving a dying patient are the ones that test your self-disciple the most. To be prepared, pack some rescue snacks in a bento box in case of a hangry attack to avoid vending machine trash--a win/win all around

Looking for a smart AF way to sneak snacks out the break room? Look no further than the bento box! This handy little container can hold all sorts of nuts, dried fruits and Tiffs Treats, and since it looks like a pencil case, no one will be the wiser. Keep your blood sugar above 60 during long shifts without a break using this convenient and discreet snack container. Snack on!

If anyone asks what's inside tell them: "Stronger Nurse Snacks"

.: One size
.: Silicone tray with a wooden cover
.: An elastic band and cutlery included

  One size
Width, in 7.68
Height, in 4.82
Depth, in 3.00


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