Smart AF Fanny Pack
Smart AF Fanny Pack
Smart AF Fanny Pack

Smart AF Fanny Pack

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No lunch! No time to pee! You survived off caffeine and anger all shift. You go home ASAP. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you left your house keys at the hospital and you live an hour away... Damnit!

But worry not! 

  • This fanny pack is the perfect bag for nurses who want to keep up with their life at work without having to worry about forgetting anything.


  • This sturdy workhorse conveniently stores all of the essentials- cellphone, ID, cards, keys and pens - inside this sleek compartmentalized canvas pouch which zips up securely so there's nothing but peace of mind while running between patients.


  • It also comes complete with two zippered pouches on either side where all sorts of other goodies could go including tampons or fruit snacks when needed during a shift with no lunch.


  • Stay organized so you can go home with no worries that you left your wallet, house keys or cell phone in the emergency department. 


.: 100% Polyester
.: One size
.: One-sided print
.: Black lining with inside divider


  One size
Width, in 14.50
Height, in 6.00
Strap width, in 0.98
Min circumference, in 39.37
Max circumference, in 53.54


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